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Rockwool Pipe Section

(IS 9842, BS 3958(Part4), ASTM C-547)

Rockwool Pipe Insulation is a precisely engineered, bonded fibrous insulation that offers maximum resistance to the passage of heat. Rockwool Fibres are spun from selected rocks, melted at 1600°C and blended to a carefully adjusted chemical composition. Its centrifugally spun fibres have a diameter 1/20th that of human hair. These are felted using state-of-the-art technology into bonded and cured slabs to optimum density and resilience.

Over 25 million Rmts. of Rockwool Pipe Insulation is in service in prestigeous projects, saving millions of tonnes of fuel year after year.


Rockwool Pipe Insulation

Rockwool Pipe Insulation consists of fine fibres spun from molten natural rock bonded with a thermosetting resin. The sections are moulded to ensure a firm fit around the piping and the outer surface is ground to ensure that correct insulation thickness is achieved and to provide a smooth, even surface.

Rockwool Pipe Insulation products are available for hot face temperatures upto 750°C. Rockwool Pipe Insulation are supplied as one-piece sections of one metre length, upto 4” ø and in two sections for 4” N.B. and above slit along the longitudinal axis. Sections are easily installed by opening the slit and springing the section into position over the pipe.

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